Programmer, YouTuber


DavidDGTNT is a programmer, YouTuber, and gamer. He enjoys spending time with his friends and going to camp. Learn more about him on his about page!

DavidDGTNT's channel

David's channel is available on YouTube and Odysee, and is coming soon to Rumble.

DGTNT Studios

DGTNT Studios has its own website here.

DGTNT Modding

DGTNT Modding is led by DavidDGTNT, and is a means of publishing David's mods for various games. Join our Discord here or visit our wiki here.

DavidDGTNT's House

David has a blog called DavidDGTNT's House, where he posts about various topics including gaming, programming, Linux, virtual reality, and pretty much everything tech.

Contact DavidDGTNT

DavidDGTNT's contact information is listed on his about page at the bottom.