About DavidDGTNT

Hi, I'm David. I'm a 14 year old who lives near Nashville, TN. I am a Southern Baptist, and enjoy playing video games, programming, and talking to friends. I have a YouTube channel called DavidDGTNT, and I play mainly Minecraft. I play many games, which can be found on my Steam library. I run Linux, and every game I have ever purchased has run on Linux, sometimes with tweaks, and sometimes without. I enjoy making mods for games, including Minecraft. I have a wiki set up for it here and a Discord server here.

I play games with friends, including Kenton and Evan. Evan and I have a YouTube channel together, and I run a company to manage the channels called DGTNT Studios.

I started programming when I was around 9 years old using Scratch, and became facinated with programming and what I can make a computer do with only a little bit of time, let alone starting a large project. I have since learned many programming languages, including Lua, Luau (Roblox's version of Lua, if you can count it as it's own language), Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++. I use these programming languages often, as well as HTML and CSS, to make projects to inspire and help others either learn programming or do what they need to do more efficiently.

As I have grown up, I have learned quite a few new skills, and have entered in events at A.C.E.'s International Student Convention with my school. If you see me there, or at any place for that matter, feel free to say hi! While what I do at convention often reflects my hobbies I do at home and school, I also sing and do drama events at convention. The interactions I have had with staff at convention and even other students inside and outside my school have shaped my life into what it is now, and, while I will continue my hobbies, I will glorify the Lord with my talents and share the love of Christ with others.

I enjoy making YouTube videos, however, I don't have many ideas. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment on any of the videos on the channel that you wish for your idea to be posted on, and I will consider adding it to my list of ideas. If you would like to collaborate, contact me. I will post a contact email soon on this page.

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